Shipping and payment

Order processing

Our managers process orders every day from 9am to 6pm Moscow time.

After receiving your order, our manager will contact you to check the payment and delivery details.


The minimum order is 500 Russian rubles. 100% prepayment by credit card.

Or money transfer to the phone number +7(927)32-000-10. Or a wire transfer (we will provide the details).

Or payment upon receipt of the order at the pick-up point or to the courier (whichever you agree on with the manager).

Shipping in Russia

The delivery cost is set according to the rates of the shipping providers: Business Lines, PEC, CDEK, RATEK, DPD, BoxBerry, or Russian Post. You can choose your shipping provider when confirming your order with our manager.

Delivery is carried out from our warehouse subject to confirmation with our manager.


Address: 5 Oktyabrskaya st., Meleuz, Republic of Bashkortostan 453851

Working hours: Monday to Saturday, from 9am to 6pm. No lunch break

*Pickup is carried out from our warehouse subject to confirmation with our manager.

Please read the following!

If an order was not delivered on the agreed day due to the customer (e.g., the driver waited for more than 20 minutes, the customer did not pick up the phone, etc.), the order may still be shipped again provided that the customer will pay for the previously failed delivery too. The courier’s maximum waiting time is 20 minutes.
If you cannot accept your order on the designated date, please cancel the order or choose another delivery date. To do this, please call us at +7(927)32-000-10
About an hour before the delivery, our courier will contact you to confirm your readiness to accept the order.
Upon receipt of the order, open the packaging and check the order for availability and integrity.


Answers to your questions

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As the customer accepts the order, they must check it in terms of the content and quantity as indicated in the invoice.

If the customer has any questions upon receipt of their orders, they can contact our managers and call center operators by phone at +7(927)32-000-10

When the goods are delivered via shipping providers, the ownership of the goods passes to the buyer at the time the goods are handed over to the shipper.

Customers may opt for order insurance and/or additional packaging when confirming their orders with our managers.

The company is not responsible for the transportation and safety of the goods to the destination after shipment. Be sure to check the integrity of the shipment upon receipt.

We provide kerbside courier delivery.

Our couriers will not deliver directly to your door. Our courier drivers do not know the characteristics and properties of the goods you ordered nor can they advise on the quality of your goods.

The courier notifies the buyer of the fact of their arrival by phone and waits for 20 minutes.

Our courier may assist in unloading your order from their vehicle but they cannot go away from it at any significant distance.

If our courier for some reason finds the suggested pickup place unsafe, they will ask the customer to pick another place to collect their order from.

If the customer does not have the full amount to pay for the order, the courier has the right to leave the place of the order transfer.